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Vu Quit His Demanding Engineering Job after Earning $1000+ a Day from Trading

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Vu N. joined Stock Navigators with very little prior success in the stock market. He had already spent tens of thousands of dollars on workshops that didn’t accurately train him. But once he learned our techniques, Vu became so profitable that he was making more from day trading than he was from his chemical engineering job. So he quit! Now Vu is able to completely support himself and his family all by trading just a few hours each morning.

Learn more about his journey below!

Vu's Story

One of the first things Vu N. realized upon learning more about Stock Navigators is how his story is very similar to Tom’s (our head trader). Vu came to the United States when he was 16 and English wasn’t his first language. Similarly to Tom, he went to college, got his MBA, and became a chemical engineer. But after settling down and starting a family, Vu was looking for a better way to manage and grow his money on his own, without relying on someone else.

For 3 years Vu attempted to swing trade without much success. But then he found Stock Navigators on Facebook and was eager to connect with Tom, a genuine teacher that had been in his shoes and found success trading. It gave Vu hope that trading could work for him too. 

Within 2 months of joining Stock Navigators he was profitable. Within 6 months he was earning more than his chemical engineering jobs ever paid him.

“The amount of knowledge that I’ve been able to obtain from this program within the first 2 months definitely exceeds everything I’ve learned on my own within the past 3 years.”

Vu has since quit his engineering job and become a day trader, earning more income now by working only a few hours each day than he ever made at his day job. He is so enthusiastic about how much Stock Navigators helped him learn to trade profitably that he’s stepped up in our trader community, where he helps manage questions and guide students each day!

“I want my success to be everyone’s success. I want to give back in any way I can.”

How Stock Navigators Changed Vu's Life

Since joining our program, Vu now averages over $1000 gains each day through trading, sometimes in as little as 7 minutes. And the biggest benefit Vu told us that he experienced by learning to trade from Stock Navigators, is that he’s finally found financial freedom.

“I wake up every day knowing I can make money from a chart by following its moving direction. I have worked less, made more money than I could have ever imagined, at the same time spending the most time with my family and children.”

Financially, Vu was at a crossroads before he learned to trade with us. He had several buckets of money he hoped to grow for the future - a 401K, a pension, and college funds for his 2 sons, but he wasn’t sure how to best manage them. Initially, Vu attempted to trade based on the news and which companies were “hot” to earn profits. But that approach never got him anywhere. 

So Vu joined our program. Since learning from us, he says he’ll never trade on the news again and will use the technical analysis we teach to make all of his trading decisions. The strategies he learned have led him to the largest profits he’s ever made. And now he’s able to both manage and grow his various buckets of money consistently.

“I take a screenshot of my daily winnings. And I think the last time I shared with the group, I made $9000 that week. And that was on 1 contract!”

Just 2 months after joining Stock Navigators, Vu told us he felt more confident than ever in his ability to grow his accounts on his own, securing his financial future for himself and his family. In fact, his wife was able to quit her job and now they have more free time to spend doing what they love.

“I have the ability to say to my wife, “You don’t have to go to work anymore.” I can fully take care of our family with just one income.”

Vu’s Advice To Others

Vu has recommended our program to many of his friends and even speaks with potential students who are on the fence about joining. Here are some of the biggest recommendations he gives to people about taking our course.

First, he says when you join our program you have to devote yourself, commit the time, practice, and do the simulations. There’s no quick way to master trading. Investing the time in your education on the front end is how you succeed.

“I don’t think you can become good at something without putting in the time to study, gain the knowledge and gain the experience. That’s just the nature of this game.”

Second, he says keep a journal. Before our course, Vu never recorded any of his trades. But by keeping a journal (as recommended by the program) you can see your success rate right away. Vu loves it because you can: easily look at how many trades you’ve done recently, see what your risk and reward ratio is, if you’re getting better, and evaluate where you can improve.

Third, he says go back to the material. When you first learn something new, you may think you have it down but once you put it into practice you may get tripped up. One of Vu’s tips for students is to go back and review the study material as often as you need to see where you went wrong and correct your mistakes. Plus, he says, if you still need help you have expert advice at your fingertips every day.

“The best part of the course is you have the hands-on ability to talk to Tom or communicate with him or get his advice on a daily basis.”

The ability to ask questions live, almost every day throughout each week is a game-changing part of this learning experience you won’t find anywhere else. 

Lastly, for those who are curious about if they should do this and if there will be a return on their investment, Vu shared that he had those exact same questions. But a month and a half into the program, he was able to confidently make enough profit on ONE trade to pay for his entire course.

“If I had to do this all over again, I would have done the same thing. It’s a game changer. It’s a life learning experience that I would have never gotten before had I not entered the program. I highly, highly recommend it and highly suggest it.”

To hear Vu’s full story, check out the video above. And check out other Student Success stories below.

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