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Thu is a Busy Mother who Gained $90,000 in Her First Year of Trading, all from Her Free Time

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As a busy mom who was furloughed in March of 2020, Thu was looking for a new way to support her family. She knew nothing about trading, so never imagined the stock market was where she could go to find a new, reliable source of income.

But after finding Stock Navigators and learning everything from the very basics to the key strategies we teach, she’s been able to earn over $90,000 in her first year trading. Now she has more time to spend with her family and a reliable income source that won’t disappear like her previous job. 

Learn more about her journey below!

Thu's Story

Thu is definitely one of the more non-traditional traders out there who serves as inspiration for anyone who wants to start trading. She is a loving, hard working mom from San Jose, CA who devotes so much of herself to her family and running the household. 

In March of 2020, her life was shaken up like so many others. Thu was furloughed from her job and found herself having to care for her son who was now home during the days, along with her husband who worked from home.

But by the time summer came around and the school year ended, she had more free time on her hands to look for a new income source. Like many of our students, Thu found us through a Facebook ad and decided to attend our free webinar. She wanted to learn more about how she could earn money through trading while still being at home to care for her family. And although this was completely new territory for her, Thu decided to take the leap and learn from us.

“I had no background [in trading]. I was totally a newbie. This was my first trading class and probably my last one.”

During the day Thu cared for her family and was busy running her household. But in the evenings, after she put her son to bed, she would study our trading course material from 9:00pm to midnight. 

Learning did not come easily to Thu and she struggled at first making sense of all the new information. It got so daunting that she even thought about giving the whole thing up.

“At one point I really wanted to quit because it was just too much information. But I think it’s because I went too fast.”

But she had been attending our student trading room before her son woke up where she saw so many other students posting their profits and finding success. “I was thinking to myself, ‘Everyone can do it, why can’t I?’ Because I looked at a lot of student results and I was like why don’t I give it a second try?” 

So she decided to go back through the course, but this time more slowly — taking notes, rewatching videos that didn’t click the first time, and most importantly, bringing her questions to the trader community so she could get guidance on the more challenging subjects. Things finally started to make more sense for Thu.

“I think you just need to overcome the obstacles, you know. You have to look forward, think positive, just be patient. Don’t be greedy. That’s what makes sense and it made my account grow a lot.”

By pushing through the learning curve, Thu finally got the content down and began trading successfully in October of 2020. She claims she was a “chicken,” only making small, calculated moves with very low risk. But it was this safe approach that led her to earn over $90,000 in profits within her first 5 months of opening a trading account.

Today, Thu continues to day trade each morning and spends most of her free time with her son and husband. And she still attends the weekly Q & A calls with our head traders where she says you’ll learn something new every time.

How Stock Navigators Changed Thu's Life

Thu’s been able to successfully learn all about the stock market through our course, even with her busy schedule caring for her son. Now she earns a great living only trading a few hours a day.

“Every morning when my son wakes up he comes straight into my office, he’s like “Mommy! Is today a red or a green candle?”

Thu said that learning this skill has made her life significantly better. It’s brought her a newfound sense of financial freedom and allows her to be home with her family, which wouldn’t be possible with a normal 9 to 5 job.

Her trading results have been extraordinary, especially considering she skipped using the trading simulator that we recommend all students start with. But after devoting herself to studying hard core for 3 months, Thu opened her first trading account in October of 2020. 

She started with $25,000 and grew that amount into over $87,000 within a few months. Then in January 2021 she opened a second trading account, and despite the down turned market, she told us she made $28,000 by mid March. So within her first 5 months of trading, Thu earned a total of $90,000.

The best part, she says, about taking this course is that she’s developed a skill that will serve her for life. What you invest now will lead to unlimited earning potential as you trade for years to come, just like it has for Thu.

“All I can say is you get what you pay for. It’s worth every single penny. Don’t just look at the short term, look at the big picture.”

Thu’s Advice To Others

When we spoke with Thu about her journey with Stock Navigators, she was very honest about the challenges she experienced. Mastering stock trading is no easy task, especially for complete beginners like Thu. But she did tell us it was worth every minute she put into it.

“After I look back, I think it’s totally worth it. I tell all my friends, ‘Try. It’s worth it.’”

So we asked Thu what advice she would give to new students to help them through the challenging parts of learning to trade. In addition to putting in the time to study and going slowly through the new information, she highly recommended taking advantage of the online trader community and weekly Q&A calls.

“The community is right there to help you out so don’t quit. It’s gonna be worth it, and it’s gonna work for the rest of your life.”

And like Thu said, the community is the place to go when you need help on this journey. As a trader, there will definitely be times when you need a little extra support learning a more difficult concept or applying your new knowledge to live charts, and the community can be a place that brings clarity.

“When I was trying to analyze charts I’d post them in the community and everyone was so helpful, especially Abhi Sahay. I think he’s a really good mentor.”

Mentorship is also one of the reasons we see many successful students come out of our training program. At Stock Navigators we have several head traders (like Tom and Abhi) with 20+ years of experience who run our community and provide a level of mentorship that sets us apart from other trading courses out there.

Lastly, Thu said, consistency is crucial to successful trading. If you devote yourself to learning and practicing day after day, you can reach new levels of financial success you’ve only dreamed of.

“If I had known this years ago, I probably would’ve, no thinking, just jumped right in and done it.”

To hear Thu’s full story, check out the video above. And check out other Student Success stories below.

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