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How Tony V. Makes Over $100K After Only 6 Months of Trading

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It took Tony a year before he took the leap and made the decision to sign up for Stock Navigators. But when he finally signed up, Tony dedicated himself to studying our proven techniques and learning from other students in our morning trading room. The result?

After only 6 months in our program, Tony told us he made over $100,000. Then, he almost hit that goal again in the first month of 2021 alone! Now, Tony is planning an early retirement to spend more time with his two young kids, all while supporting himself entirely through trading.

Learn Tony’s full story below:

Tony’s Story

Most people’s trading stories start when they first hop on a call with our team...not Tony. He first saw our ad and waited a whole year before reaching out. Tony told us that he had been investing before joining our community, but he didn’t have the technical skills to make the profits he hoped for.

Tony’s main source of income is from owning a business building swimming pools. So right now, he’s trading on the side by waking up early and entering the markets for a couple of hours before having to go to work. But with the success Tony’s found so far in the markets, he’s thinking about closing his business and trading full-time.

“So this is my side job. Every morning I spend about a couple hours trading, then I go to work. But I think if I keep doing this well, I might shut down my business now. I’m thinking about it! So I don’t have to work too hard and can spend time with my kids.”

Now, of course, this didn’t happen overnight. Before committing to his trading education, Tony had his hands in a few other investing endeavours. He invested in real estate, his 401K, and even stocks based on the news or his friends’ advice.

But once Tony began to trade using the technical analysis he learned from Stock Navigators, it made all the difference. He’s gone from trading stocks to now trading options, and is constantly learning something new everyday.

“Since I got into the program until now, I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge day by day.”

But, as you’ll see, Tony’s results truly speak for themselves.

How Stock Navigators Changed Tony’s Life

After following the program for a year, Tony finally decided to join our class in June 2020. And in his words, he’s grateful he made the right choice. The first thing he did when speaking to us was thank our head trader Tom Luong.

“First I want to say thank you to your dad [Tom]. I learned a lot from him and the program you guys set up,” Tony told us at the start of the call. “I gained a lot of knowledge and I make money too!”

And when he says he made money too, he’s not kidding. Tony showed us his trading profits since he joined us in the middle of 2020. He told us how in his first half year, he made over $100,000 in profits. And more impressively, when we talked to him at the end of January 2021, Tony explained how he had already made $93,582 — in just those first 3 weeks of the year!

“Whatever I paid you guys, I think I made 100 times more than that.”

But what we consider especially powerful are the tangible benefits this money has given Tony.

Tony moved to Arizona in 2004 to start his own business to design and build swimming pools across the state, which as one could imagine, is a profitable business. But since joining Stock Navigators, Tony has been thinking more and more about giving this up to trade full time.

“Trading’s given me a lot of freedom now. The business that I have right now has a lot of work, it’s booming. But there’s a lot of stress too,” Tony said. “With trading, you can make a good income but you don't have to deal with employees or customers. I like this a lot more.”

Tony has two young kids and wants to make sure he’s a part of their lives as much as he can be. And by making the choice to dedicate his time to trading in the morning, Tony will have the rest of his day free.

“This is a good way for me to get ready to retire earlier. I’m in my 50’s but in 1 or 2 years I might sell my business and just do trading.”

Trading is also something Tony hopes to share with his family. He explained to us his plans to teach this skill to his kids once they're old enough. That way, Tony can pass on a personal hobby of his to his children and they will learn a valuable skill — a win-win!

Tony’s Advice To Others

With so much success in under a year, we were eager to hear some wise-words Tony had to offer. And he did not disappoint. Although, Tony remains humble in his success, despite reaching the 6-figure mark so quickly.

“I’m not that good yet, but it will take time,” Tony told us. “Everything takes time. And it takes a lot of practice. But sitting in the trading room, I get hands-on practice.”

Tony attributes most of his success to our Premium Trading Room, a daily live-chat room for all of our students to share trades and give advice. Additionally, our head trader Tom is there to answer questions and analyze potential stock market moves.

“I wake up, do research for a little bit, look for the good stocks, and then wait for the trading room to open. I look forward to it every morning!”

But it also comes down to personal discipline. Tony is in our trading room every day when he trades. He also took the time to learn and implement some tricks on his own, like not just buying stocks that are in the news.

And finally, it comes down to your mentality. “People should try it out. And be patient. Go through the whole trading course and then do some practice and go to the trading room,” Tony told us when we asked what he’d tell new students.

So when we asked Tony what his advice was to people thinking of joining Stock Navigators, this is what he had to say:

“Look at me, it took me a year before I joined the group. But I don’t regret it, you know, there’s always time to make money. It’s never too late.”

To hear Tony’s full story, check out the video above. And check out other Student Success stories below.

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