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Julia P. Was Once a Flailing Beginner on Robinhood, But Has Now Made Over $50K in Profits After Joining Stock Navigators

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Julia made a LOT of the common mistakes new traders make. She was trading with zero knowledge of the stock market. She never learned any useful techniques or strategies. And she chose the easy-to-use but unhelpful Robinhood app to make impulsive trades. Not surprisingly, she wasn’t very profitable.

But then she found Stock Navigators. And with the help of our trading videos, advice given by top traders, and support from the student community, Julia was finally able to find success. Now she’s almost hit her benchmark of $100K in profits and truly believes that investing in your financial freedom is “worth every single penny.”

Check out Julia’s full journey below:

Julia's Story

“I emigrated here 7 years ago from Europe, so that’s how my journey started,” Julia recounted. Now, she lives in Chicago and, despite having a full-time job, decided that she wanted to begin trading. 

But, as it often is, starting proved to be the hardest part for Julia. She was unfamiliar with the stock market, especially being from a different country. Julia admitted that before dedicating time to her education, she didn’t know what a stock was, what futures were, or even have much knowledge on U.S. currencies in general.

“I didn’t have any experience at all… I heard that the market crashed and I didn’t even know what that meant.”

And even after making the decision to begin trading, this knowledge didn’t just turn on like a light switch. At first, Julia attempted to trade without any techniques or strategies behind her moves in the stock market. Because of this, her wins were rare and when they did happen, they tended to be a result of luck.

“I purchased the course but I didn’t start right away. You know, I was just playing pretty much. I downloaded the Robinhood app and started investing but not really knowing what I was doing.”

But then Julia decided to dive into her education by fully dedicating herself to developing her trading expertise. And it wasn’t just by going through the training modules. She also took advantage of every aspect of our program, including the live Q&A calls and posting in the student community.

This is when it all clicked for Julia.

How Stock Navigators Changed Julia's Life

About 2 months into fully embracing the breadth of our program, Julia actually started to see results. She was no longer winning because of luck, but seeing consistent gains through accurate analysis. After seeing this consistency in her simulated trades, Julia put her newly learned strategies to the test in the real markets.

It wasn’t long before the money followed. In the Stock Navigators student community, we encourage members to share and celebrate certain milestones. Julia shared these accomplishments in her conversation with our CEO as she showed off her two trophies for reaching both $10K and $50K in total profits.

“With your mentoring and with your help, and of course with my efforts, I was able to do that. I never thought I’d be able to gain 50 grand in one year. It’s just crazy, my mind’s blown.”

Julia told us how she is close to rounding out her collection by getting her next trophy for reaching $100K in profits. Even more impressive, she reached these milestones in only her first year in our community.

This shows the impact our community has on our students. When Julia posts questions, she gets answers. She’s able to take a look at other students’ posts and “soak up all the information and apply it.” Plus, Julia gets to celebrate her achievements with others who are following her on this journey. 

Although she’s just beginning, trading with our community is something she hopes to do for a while. And although she works full-time now, this is an ideal way to make supplemental income that can make a huge difference in the future.

“You have to do it. This is a lifetime skill that you can obtain.”

Needless to say, Julia would recommend this course to new traders so they can avoid making any of the same mistakes she made in the beginning. But that’s not the only piece of wisdom she dropped.

Julia’s Advice To Others

A lot of people are hesitant to pay for a course like this when they think it’s better to just keep the money and avoid trading altogether. But Julia is the perfect example of why this is not the case. 

“The program costs a little bit but then at the end of the year, you can see results,” Julia explained. “I can tell everybody else who is hesitating to join the course, I would tell you that this course, for sure, is worth every penny — if you put in the time and effort.” 

And that’s the key trick Julia learned through her journey. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort because what you put in is what you get out. If you’re willing to do this, your results will speak for themselves.

But Julia didn’t just invest in a course. She also invested in a community of traders who, like her, were just starting out. This way, Julia was able to learn from not only top traders, but other students who were going through the same trials and errors she was.

“And of course what helps a lot is the community support and Tom’s Q&A. He can answer all the questions. I love it, just love it.”

This is something that Julia, like most students, learned and improved upon as she moved forward. Achieving profits of $50K or even $10K is not something that happens overnight.

Julia's biggest piece of advice to new students is to just keep moving forward. Patience, she learned, is one of the key components of trading. Both with individual gains and as an overall process. “Don’t hesitate. Never give up,” she said. “Just go for it because it will return your money back in 10 times, 100 times more.”

For Julia, the journey was difficult in the beginning. She played around with Robinhood, had trouble understanding the markets, and just wanted quick results. But despite the road being hard, she stuck with it. And now, as someone on their way to $100K, Julia knows that investing in your trading education is well worth it.

“For those of you who are new, go ahead guys join. You will never regret it, believe me. It’s totally worth every single penny and you will obtain your financial freedom for sure.”

To hear Julia’s full story, check out the video above. And check out other Student Success stories below.

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