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Become a trader in 12 weeks. Designed for beginners and veterans alike.

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About Us What is
Stock Navigators?


Advocating Financial Freedom by Educating the Next-Generation Traders

Our fully dynamic trading strategy has been developed over the past 20 years by our founding team of professional traders. We place an emphasis on getting our students real results. Not just theory, but consistent profitability in the Stock Market.


Who Benefits from Stock Navigators?

Our doors are open to everyone. Whether you are seeking a lucrative career in trading or looking to learn more about the industries, Stock Navigators is for you. With top-of-the-line trading tools and educational programs, our services are geared toward helping you become more equipped and confident in trading.

Our Competitive AdvantagesBest-in-Class
Educational Programs

State-of-the-art Training

Crafted by seasoned professionals to ease your way into becoming an expert trader, our advanced techniques guide you through each phase of the process of trading. These powerful yet easy to grasp methods are appropriate for anyone regardless of their level of experience. Total beginner or seasoned veteran, we can take your trading to places you never thought possible.

Seasoned Trading Coaches

Our trainers have been through all types of market conditions, traded every type of asset, and learned from all their costly mistakes to become the consistent, successful traders they are today. Now they stand ready to help you hit your goals, avoid the common mistakes, and achieve your own success.

Real Live Day Trading Experience

Is there truly a better way to learn something – than by actually doing it? Our comprehensive program push you to perform actual trading, under the close supervision of our coaches. Providing you with real-life experience, which is going to be invaluable when you transition to trading on your own.

Truly Comprehensive Training

It is of course, impossible to learn all the necessary knowledge to elevate your trading skills in just a few days. That’s why our expert program takes weeks. Going through the problems (and solutions) in-depth. Ensuring our coaches cover every single bit of the information you’ll need to know to become a pro trader.

Premium Trading Room

Get Empowered by Our Community of Like-Minded Traders

A vital daily component of our program, the Trading Room gives you immediate insights, reinforces what you’ve learned, and will grow your knowledge and connections anywhere, anytime – through desktop or mobile app.

Each morning before the markets open for about an hour, Head Trader Tom Luong breaks down what’s happening in a variety of markets including futures, stocks, forex, and even crypto. They are there to help you develop the plan for that day, or to analyze specific stocks you might be thinking of buying or selling and give you their professional opinions on the current charts.

Nothing will help you to truly comprehend our course material better, than seeing full time professional traders apply all of the concepts in front of you on live markets.