Our Core Values

Growth Oriented

We are focused on growth and improving – and we want to make sure we help as many people as possible reach their goals. And that means we’re constantly improving our products.


We’re not the most flashy out there, but we’re definitely the most real. Real education from real traders. Real Insights. Real Results.

Student Obsession

Without our loyal students, we would not exist today. We are here to provide value and improve their lives. Our students always come first, no matter what.

Our Products

Money Zone Method

Join our beginner course where we teach you the basics of stock trading and the secret behind spotting “money zones” in your own investment strategy.

Expert Trader

Our flagship 6-week education course that will teach you everything to begin profitably trading in the stock market. Join our 1,000+ students who learned one-of-a-kind techniques for new and experienced traders alike.

Meet Our Experts

Timothy Luong

Founder & CEO

Since creating Stock Navigators in 2018, Tim has enhanced his knowledge in the financial markets in futures, stocks, and options. Tim graduated from UCLA with a degree in Economics. His passion for education and the financial markets drives Stock Navigators to help individuals take advantage of the endless opportunities in the markets. He aims to build Stock Navigators into a company that provides tools for individuals to reach their financial goals.

Tom Luong

Founder & Chief Market Strategist

Tom holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from San Jose State University. But his trading journey first began in 2000, when he combined software and financial services to grow his portfolio. He’s been actively involved with the markets ever since. Tom eventually developed his own trading system based on past data and technical analysis. He’s currently the Chief Market Strategist for Stock Navigators.

See What Our Students Are Saying

"There was always one piece missing. Tom helped me see where I didn't have my strategies in place, from charting to viewing the timeframes... My account was about $107K in December and as of today it's almost $200,000. I give a lot of credit to what I learned in the class and implementing the techniques and strategies."

Peter O.

"[Stock Navigators] is really incredible. I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I’m seeing a strategy in a plan down the road for how I would like to trade myself out of doing what I’m doing into trading. [...] I’ve been really hitting. I would say almost every day [I make] anything over $5,000 in profit. There are days where I can get $7,000 or $8,000."


"I ended up over my goal of $100K. And I was like ‘Oh my god, I’m so lucky!’ $162K from my net income.For someone who wants to think seriously about trading, you have to get the knowledge first. I recommend Stock Navigators because I’ve gotten really awesome material to learn. It’s easy to digest. Don’t hesitate to do this, especially with Tom."

Duc L.

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