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Without our loyal students, we would not exist today. We are here to provide value and improve their lives. Our students always come first, no matter what!

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We’re constantly trying to improve our products. We’re just scratching the surface of financial freedom - and we want to make sure we help as many people as possible reach their goals.

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We’re not the most flashy out there, but we’re definitely the most real. Real education from real traders. Real Insights. Real Results.

Our Story


Since 2018, Stock Navigators has helped over 1,600 people and counting gain the knowledge needed to improve their finances.

Our mission is to become the #1 financial resource you can trust - not only for trading, but for all aspects of your financial life.

Humble Beginnings

Tom Luong's journey

Tom Luong grew up in Vietnam in the midst of political turmoil and war. As a young adult, he escaped to the United States. He arrived in the U.S. without a penny to his name, and he couldn’t speak English.

But these obstacles did not deter him from building the life of his dreams in America.

Over the course of many years, Tom taught himself English, put himself through school, and began his career as Systems Design Engineer in Silicon Valley. There, he met his wife, and they started a family together.

Enter the Stock Market

How Tom's interest in the stock market came about

Tom knew nothing about the stock market when he first came to America. But as he progressed in his career, the company he worked for gave him stock options as a bonus, and this made him curious about the stock market.

Seeing the success that many others around him were having, Tom started buying tech stocks in the 1990s when tech companies were booming. For a while, he felt he couldn’t lose. He was making money hand over fist with little effort. But then the tech bubble burst.

Overnight, Tom lost most of his life savings - over a million dollars. This changed everything.

Now with two young children at home, Tom made the decision that from that moment on, he would never put blind trust in the markets again. Instead, he devoted himself to learning everything he could about the markets.

Over the next few years, Tom’s obsession with the markets grew and grew. All told, he spent $100,000 on education and over $30,000 on trading software. Eventually, the hard work began to pay off.

With a newfound humility, Tom slowly earned back the money he’d lost in the markets, but it wasn’t easy.

Sometimes, his approach worked great for a while, but then the market would shift, and it would stop working. With more hard work and determination, Tom modified his approach to work in all market conditions.

This allowed him to leave his 9-5 job and start trading full-time from home to support his family.

Creating the Best, Together

The birth of the ultimate strategy

Seeing his father’s success, Tom’s son Timothy asked Tom to teach him how to trade. Timothy was in college at the time and preparing to work on Wall Street, but trading from home sounded much better.

So, at Timothy’s request, Tom began to teach Timothy how to trade. It was difficult for both at first. Timothy wanted to quit many times. Tom had been collecting bits and pieces of trading knowledge for over a decade, but he had never taught anyone before. As Timothy began to learn from Tom, it became clear that Tom’s strategies needed to be refined.

So, Tom and Timothy began the difficult process of systemizing Tom’s trading strategy so it would be easier to understand and apply. This process took them 3 months to complete, and then Timothy began putting it to the test.

The results were remarkable. Tim became profitable very quickly. And due to the amount of work Timothy and Tom put into refining the strategy - throwing out old concepts and testing new ones - Tom’s results improved, too!

Just a few years later, Tom made record breaking profits - passing seven-figures in a single year! And Tim followed suit, earning multi-six-figures!

Leading Others to Financial Freedom

Sharing the ultimate strategy with the world

Using the strategy they developed together, Timothy became able to support himself financially while only trading two hours a day - right out of college.

With most of his time now free, Timothy had an idea. What if he could help others learn to trade successfully, the same way his father had helped him? With this idea in mind, he asked Tom if he would help teach an in-person class for beginner students.

Tom initially said no. He didn’t see himself as a teacher, and he was content with just trading on his own. But Timothy was persistent. He kept asking his father because he knew this was something the world needed.

Finally, after begging for several months, Tom finally agreed to teach one in-person class. At the very least, he thought it would be a good father-son bonding experience.

With that, Stock Navigators was born.

What started as an in-person, weekend workshop, soon became too much for Timothy and Tom to handle on their own. They brought in more instructors, and the class began to take the form of a community of traders helping each other grow and improve.

With Tom handling most of the teaching, Timothy worked to spread the word about the positive impact the classes and community were having on people’s lives. Before long, the in-person classes were in high-demand, and the only way to continue without turning people away was to take the teaching and community online. This allowed many more people from all around the world to learn strong trading principles and change their lives!

Stock Navigators, Today & Tomorrow

Where we stand today and where we're going

Stock Navigators’ mission is to empower people to reach their financial potential. We do this through online courses, mentorship, and community support.

In addition, we also offer high-end investment research services. This gives our members a finger on the pulse of sectors they are not familiar with and helps them capitalize on emerging opportunities.

We are not financial advisors. But we do all we can to empower our members to control their own financial futures. Our team of financial experts work tirelessly to find the best opportunities to share with our community. Together, we have decades of experience that we leverage to give our members an edge.

We are proud to have helped over 1,600 students become better traders. No matter your goals, we are here to help!

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