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Our Principles

Student Obsession

Without our loyal students, we would not exist today. We are here to provide value and improve their lives. Our students always come first, no matter what!

Think Big & Innovate

We’re constantly trying to improve our products. We’re just scratching the surface of financial freedom - and we want to make sure we help as many people as possible reach their goals.

Radical Transparency

We’re not the most flashy out there, but we’re definitely the most real. Real education from real traders. Real Insights. Real Results.

Our Story


Stock Navigators has helped over thousands of people learn the tools and knowledge for achieving financial freedom. 

With online courses, investment research, private communities, and more, Stock Navigators is paving the way for people to enter the stock market with confidence to accomplish their goals.

Although education is where Stock Navigators began, this is just the beginning. Our goal is to become the #1 financial resource people can rely on, for trading, investing, and beyond.

But the road to this impressive end was paved by the hard work and vision of those who believed financial freedom can, and should be, achieved by all.

Humble Beginnings

The journey of Timothy's father, Tom Luong

After learning how to trade from his dad, Timothy founded Stock Navigators in 2018, and has been changing the financial situation of everyday people for the better ever since. But the journey to accomplish this ambitious goal started long before that. 

Tom Luong grew up in a Vietnam wrought by turmoil and volatile wartimes. As a young adult he escaped to the United States in the 1980’s with not a dime on him. When he arrived, he didn’t speak a single word of English.

But that didn’t deter him. Over several years, Tom taught himself the English language, attended university studying engineering, and eventually secured a career as a Systems Design Engineer in Silicon Valley.

At the same time, Tom met his wife and was starting a family with her and their two children. He had finally “made it” here in the land of opportunity. Everything he thought he needed to achieve, he did through perseverance. After growing up with close to nothing, he was determined to find a way that would ensure his family knew a better life.

Enter the Stock Market

How this one-of-a-kind trading strategy came to be

Tom knew nothing about the stock market when he began trading the stocks given to him by the company he worked for. But it seemed like everyone around him was making profits from the market, so he thought he’d give it a shot. For years, he would buy stocks in the tech industry, and they would keep going upward. He couldn’t lose, he thought. 

But that was before the tech bubble burst. Overnight, Tom lost half of what he made over the last decade. It was a devastating blow. 

With a wife and two young children, it was a terribly stressful and difficult time. Tom decided then and there that he would never be in an insecure financial position like that again. He would learn how to trade properly.

Over the next few years, Tom went on to spend over $100,000 on education and over $30,000 on trading software.

After much trial and error, he finally found the collection of methods that worked best together in a variety of market conditions.

This is how Tom found his one-of-a-kind trading strategy that he uses to this day.

Passing on the Skill

A valuable lesson passed from father to son

Success in the stock market followed Tom for the years to follow. He had made back all the money he’d lost in the past…and then some. Tom also improved his trading psychology along the way, bringing him from a good trader to a great one.

By spending just a couple of hours a day in the markets, Tom found that he could fully support himself and his family, while having more time to do what he wanted to do.

Then one day, his son, Timothy, came to Tom asking if he could teach him this trading strategy that allowed such freedom, both with time and money.

At the time, Timothy was studying Business Economics at UCLA. But his true passions went beyond the classroom. He was pursuing a variety of entrepreneurial projects that combined his passions with his natural leadership skills. And while these efforts caught some traction, Timothy didn’t know what the exact formula was for building his future.

What Timothy did know, however, was that he never wanted to have to work a traditional 9-to-5 job. Why work for someone else when you can earn everything you need by trading just a few hours a day instead? 

So he gave up a position on Wall Street to move home and learn trading from his dad. And although it was no easy feat, Timothy was able to learn his dad’s strategy and apply it to the markets in just 3 months.

And of course there were failures. At the beginning, Timothy had a hard time grasping the real secret to trading success: focusing on small, consistent wins while mitigating losses. This led to him blowing up his first account while waiting on a bad trade to turn around. But after this, he knew that he would never let it happen again.

So Tom successfully taught his son how to trade, just as he was able to teach himself. Now, both Tom and Timothy are millionaires from the profits they’ve made in the stock market.

But Timothy wouldn’t just take the money and run. He knew there was more he was destined to do.

Leading Others to Financial Freedom

Timothy decides to share his dad’s strategy with the world

Timothy could fully support himself through trading right out of college by only working a couple of hours a day. Meanwhile, all his peers were just beginning their entry-level jobs meaning they were working all day long to get ahead, stuck in a rigid schedule of the traditional work week. Timothy knew he had to take advantage of all this extra time on his hands to pursue the things he wanted to do. This is when his entrepreneurial spirit shined through once more. 

Timothy had an idea. An idea to teach this trading strategy to others, just as Tom had done for him. He knew he could run the operations while his dad focused on the education and trading side of things.

But Tom was skeptical. He liked trading on his own, not being tied to a schedule. Even after he told his son he would only do one class, Tom had his doubts. All the time, Timothy was convinced it would, at the very least, be a fun project he and his dad could work on together.

Then, Timothy saw the positive effect Tom’s trading strategy had on all these people. After teaching the first class of just 5 students, he realized they could make a huge impact in many people’s lives through teaching. This skill could be shared with others to help them achieve the same financial goals Timothy was able to achieve for himself. And this made all the extra work worth it.

And with this, Stock Navigators was born.

What started as an in-person, weekend long workshop soon became too overwhelming for the two of them to handle on their own. They brought on more instructors and turned the program into more of an ongoing community. While Tom handled the teaching, Timothy worked to expand their course to anyone looking to change their lives for the better.

Before long, they realized the limitations of only hosting in-person classes, so Timothy decided to take their course online. This allowed even more people to learn the strategies that have led so many to reach their financial goals. The community followed and eventually the entire trading program became available online. 

So when the coronavirus devastated the status quo in 2020, Stock Navigators was prepared to continue teaching people how to secure their finances apart from their traditional jobs. With furloughs and unexpected expenses, this provided a safety net to people who otherwise would have struggled to make it through. 

This reinforced the company’s mission to help anyone who has goals beyond what traditional income sources can provide, achieve a sense of financial security for themselves and their loved ones.

Stock Navigators, Today & Tomorrow

Where SN stands today and where it plans on going

Our mission is to lead as many people to financial freedom as possible. We do this by teaching you how to fish, rather than just giving you the fish. From there, we provide all the resources to help you get the best catch.

In addition, we also offer high-end investment research services through alerts. So once we teach you how to fish, we’ll go the extra step by showing you the best spots for dropping your line. What we mean is that our alert watchlist will help you cut through the noise so that you can hone in the right places to put your money.

This gives our members a hand on the pulse of sectors they are not familiar with or opportunities they might have otherwise missed. 

Many traders miss out on opportunities because they don’t know what they don’t know. We take away that uncertainty.

Now, we are NOT financial advisors. But we will ensure you have all the tools to make the right decisions to set yourself up for success. Our program goes well beyond teaching you how, by leading our community along the right path by doing most of the heavy lifting for you. 

And we make sure you are kept in the loop with all relevant news and updates that could affect your wallet. Timothy and his team of financial experts work tirelessly to synthesize the biggest trends in the market in order to keep your knowledge current and topical. 

Plus, you’ll be able to distinguish the most valuable information from the useless jargon to know just what is on the rise before it takes off. Our team has collective decades of experience and knowledge, allowing them to identify what is necessary versus what is needless. 

So far, we have helped our students completely revolutionize their lives with new opportunities. People have left their jobs they hate. Parents have more time to spend with their kids. Couples have retired early and traveled the world. Whatever your goals are, Stock Navigators can help you get there. We have created millionaires.

Unlike the other guys, we stay with you long after you sign up. Because the only way to truly reach financial independence is by having someone to lead and support you along the way.

And with others joining you on the trip, it’s much easier to get where you want to go. Learn more about how you can join the Stock Navigators community on this journey towards financial freedom.

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