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Retirement can be a daunting thing if you aren’t ready for it. As Bob P. began thinking about it, he was in search of a new income source that he could earn from home and would keep him mentally sharp. So he decided to try trading stocks.

Bob had no idea that when he learned trading from Stock Navigators, he’d end up averaging $500 per day. Now, Bob looks forward to retiring early and enjoys making daily earnings of several hundred dollars by trading for only a few hours each morning.

Learn more about his journey below!

Bob's Story

Bob P. was ready to retire after serving as the Chief Operating Officer of a real estate development company for years. But like many folks ready to leave the 9 to 5 life for a more laid back lifestyle, Bob still wanted to have an income source to support him and his wife in their later years. He decided to learn trading to carry them through.

“I wanted to do it now, so that when I do retire, I have this background.”

With no experience trading beyond buying a few shares of Apple stock years before (and only because that was a hot tech stock people recommended buying), Bob needed a place to learn the ropes. 

He researched many options and was turned off by the flashy gurus who advertised their fancy cars or private jets. Ultimately, he decided on Stock Navigators because he liked the authentic nature of Tom, our head trader.

“When I came across Stock Navigators and saw the video and Tom, something stuck with me. I liked that it’s a family, I liked that it’s Tom. He does what he does: stocks. He’s great at it.”

Bob took a leap of faith and joined our program where he spent weeks going through the new content and building his foundation of knowledge.

“I jumped in. There’s just hours and hours of videos, bringing me up to speed, building those building blocks of knowledge that I really didn’t have,” he explained when talking about his experience. “And it really is comprehensive. I mean, I needed something to really take me along, some people have some experience, I had none.” 

But Bob had to learn a big lesson in patience. Early on he prematurely started trading real money after rushing through the course and barely practicing simulated trades. It worked until it didn’t. His initial success was due to luck, not skill.

“I figured I got this. But I really didn’t know how much I didn’t know.”

Once Bob started losing money and wondering where he went wrong, he decided to return to studying. In fact, Bob went through the course material 3 more times to be sure he understood every concept and strategy we teach.

“It’s like learning a trade, it really is like a masters degree in stocks”

Bob told us that as he would go through the videos again and again he would catch other crucial tips that he missed the first time. He also turned to the support community to look at what other student traders were doing and learn from the head traders who answered students’ questions.

“When you’re starting off you need support and you need guidance. I’m [online] with Tom basically every morning. He is a great teacher. He’s really funny and he’s bright and he’s like a wizard sometimes.”

After putting in the time to learn and practice, Bob began seeing consistent wins through trading. He told us, “Now anytime I look at a stock I can analyze a chart and feel confident [whether] it should be profitable.” He and his wife are ready to retire soon, feeling financially secure and eager to spend more time with their children and grandchildren.

How Stock Navigators Changed Bob's Life

Money is no longer a concern for Bob and his wife. And though he is seeing his bank accounts grow significantly, Bob remains humble and doesn’t get greedy when it comes to trading.

He told us, “All I’m looking for is consistency… Like the other day, I only made $300. But I looked at it, I was like: [in] 3 hours I made $100 an hour and I had the rest of the day to do whatever I wanted. And averaged out, I think I made $1700 last week.”

It was never about becoming a millionaire overnight for Bob. Instead, it was about learning a new skill that could support him through retirement. And by putting the time in on the front end to learn, Bob can continue to trade for years to come.

“It took me 6 months to be consistent where every week I’m making money.”

We asked Bob what kind of financial goals he hoped to reach from trading, and whether or not Stock Navigators had helped him achieve them. He was excited to share that what he learned from us exceeded his expectations.

“My goal is $500 a day. So if I can make $500 a day on average, what’s not to like? And I’ve done better than that in the last 5 weeks. I’m getting more and more confident and I’m getting more and more understanding and taking less risks...It’s coming together.”

Bob also shared his weekly trading gains from several weeks prior to our discussion with him and he shared the following: “I made $3,600 one week. $5,200 the next week. $1,650, $2,200, and then this last week was $1,700.”

Although every week and every day is different when it comes to stock trading, consistent profits can be found with the right methods. Bob told us how much he appreciates being able to check into the online trading room each morning and celebrate wins with other students in our trader community.

“A couple weeks ago, before I had my second cup of coffee I was up like $750 and it was before 9:15 am. So when I got online I just posted that and everyone was just like ‘Congratulations!’”

Overall Bob is a great example of a student who came into our program without any experience trading and became very successful in less than a year. Now Bob can retire whenever he wants since he has a skill that will bring him income for the rest of his life and he’ll have more free time than ever before.

“It’s been life changing for me. Who wouldn’t love to make money in a couple of hours a day?”

Bob’s Advice To Others

Bob’s experience proves that even total beginners can master trading. Stock Navigators gave him the confidence and ability to make successful trades in the stock market. 

So if you’re wondering whether trading could be a source of income for you, here’s Bob’s advice as you get started. First, he says not to move too fast through the learning material or quickly begin live trades like he did because you may end up losing money right out the gate.

“I would say take it slow, don’t rush it, be comfortable, put your toes in there first before you jump in.”

Next, he highly recommends using the community to your advantage. It’s one thing to soak in knowledge from the course videos, but it’s another to put it into practice. And it’s important to use the community to see if you’re on track, ask for guidance, and follow important discussions about market conditions. There is so much we can learn from others’ questions, mistakes, or advice.

“Rely on the community to help you.”

Bob attributes a lot of his success to what he learned from other traders. He told us how the community “... was so important to me, to look at charts that people had posted on where they went in, why they went in, and why they got out. And they show you so you can do it.”

Finally, Bob says this skill is not reserved for the mega rich. If you’ve been hesitant to begin trading because you don’t have $100K to invest, don’t rule it out altogether — you might just be missing out!

“You don’t need a massive amount of income or money to be able to generate really good income. I mean, with a relatively small amount of money in the bank, you can really generate profits pretty regularly.”

So, if you’re willing to put in time on the front end, Bob believes that, no matter your experience level, trading could work for you. He says when you’re learning, “You just have to be diligent and you just have to be patient.” 

Ultimately, Bob learned a ton and we were excited to see his newfound trading skills help him build the future he wanted for himself.

“I took the risk of joining Stock Navigators, and I thought it was a great decision.”

To hear Bob’s full story, check out the video above. And check out other Student Success stories below.

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