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Duc L. No Longer Has to Work a Job He Hates Since He Made $162K From Net Trading Income

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While working as a nail technician, Duc L. realized that he had no passion for the work he was doing. But he also didn’t know where to find that spark. That is, until Duc found Stock Navigators. 

Duc went from not even knowing what a stock was to making over $162,000 in his first year of trading. Now, Duc has found his passion and is able to make significantly more money than ever before. Trading has allowed Duc to quit a job he hated and spend more time doing what he loves, all while maintaining complete financial security.

Check out Duc’s full journey below:

Duc's Story

Similarly to our head trader Tom, Duc was born and raised in Vietnam. But 8 years ago, when he moved to the United States, Duc needed to find a profession that would allow him to take care of himself and, eventually, his family. 

This is how Duc started working as a nail technician in a salon. And although it was a steady paycheck, it wasn’t something Duc had a passion for. Before long, he was dreading the days ahead rather than looking forward to them.

“Working at a nail salon was not my passion. So I quit and focused on trading.”

Luckily, this was around the same time that Duc stumbled upon Stock Navigators. He had zero trading knowledge, even admitting that he didn’t know what a stock was at this point. But Duc knew that he needed a change of pace, and learning how to trade seemed like the best route to take. 

So he began studying. Duc joined our program in October 2019 and dedicated himself to learning. He was determined to soak in all the information available to him in our course, diligently going through all the class materials.

“I started over like [it was] a new career. It’s like, you go to a new class and you have to learn. That’s why I keep learning every day, the cost and the material is really good.”

His earliest days consisted of spending 5 to 6 hours a day making sure he learned as much as he could before live trading. After going through the course 4 separate times and practicing in the simulator, Duc was finally ready to enter the market. And he made the smart decision to set a yearly goal of overall gains to meet by the end of the year.

Duc not only met his trading goal for the year… he made over 1.5x the amount he hoped for!

How Stock Navigators Changed Duc's Life

Duc knew that trading in live markets would not be all rainbows and butterflies. He knew that no one can have a perfect 100% win rate in the market. So rather than setting a daily goal of wins, Duc set a realistic yearly goal for himself, and did the best he could each day to get closer to that goal.

Duc decided that by the end of his first year, he wanted to have made $100,000 in profits. By sticking to the strategies he learned and keeping consistent, Duc hit that goal and more, telling us how he made over 1.5 times that 100K.

“But I ended up over my goal of $100K. And I was like ‘Oh my god, I’m so lucky!’ $162K from my net income.”

But he’s not done yet. This year, Duc told us that his goal for 2021 is to hit $200,000 in profits. And that he’s already well on his way to doing so.

However, it’s not just monetary benefits. With profits like these, Duc was able to quit his job at the nail salon to spend more time at home with his wife and son. Duc began trading to find his passion, but instead found that trading is his passion. 

Duc also dedicates his time to furthering his stock market education. He wants to learn every day, whether it’s from going through the course again or learning from other students in our community. You can find Duc in our Premium Trading Room (PTR) every morning, learning from our head trader, Tom Luong, and the rest of the Stock Navigators team.

“I think it’s really important for us to have Tom for the PTR. He dedicates his time every morning and guides us daily, you know. So I’m really thankful for that.”

With both swing trading and day trading on his plate, Duc stays busy in the stock market every day, but still has his afternoons free to pursue his other passions. All while not having to worry about a dime. Pretty good for someone who started our course without knowing a single thing about the stock market.

Duc’s Advice To Others

So what’s Duc’s secret? Well, there is no one magic technique that helps a person become successful. But there are some pieces of advice that Duc believes every new trader should know.

The first thing Duc makes sure to do is limit the amount of time he spends trading. “Don’t overtrade,” he warned beginners. By trading less than two hours a day, Duc ensures he stays sharp but also that he doesn’t stick around just to lose more money. This also gives him more freedom throughout the day and the ability to come to the markets fresh the next morning. 

Next, Duc emphasized the importance of being able to identify what makes a good trade. You can’t force the behavior of the markets so Duc suggests focusing on following the strategies and patterns you learn from this course. Then, success will come naturally.

“The thing I have found out is if you can get a good trade set up, then the money will follow.”

Finally, and most importantly, Duc always keeps in mind his own emotions and mindset. It’s easy to get into your own head when you’re trading. But when you know what you’re doing and you have a strategy you can rely on, there’s no reason to second guess yourself.

“All the material can combine with psychology… You have to learn and think about your emotions.”

Duc used all these things he learned from the course to improve his life, but it didn’t happen without putting in the effort. After he realized that he was in the wrong career, Duc took a leap of faith that made all the difference. That leap was joining Stock Navigators. 

With the course, the community, and guidance from Tom, Duc could not be happier with his decision. Now his life, both in his career and financial security, has improved significantly. And he wants the same results for others.

“For someone who wants to think seriously about trading, you have to get the knowledge first. I recommend Stock Navigators because I’ve gotten really awesome material to learn. It’s easy to digest. Don’t hesitate to do this, especially with Tom.”

To hear Duc’s full story, check out the video above. And check out other Student Success stories below.

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