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In Just One Trade, Peter Was Making $88/Minute Using His SN Trading Knowledge

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Peter O. had his life turned upside down when he, like many others, was furloughed from his job in March 2020. However, he was luckier than most because just a few months prior, Peter had learned how to trade from Stock Navigators. 

Once he began trading full-time, Peter was seeing his results grow and grow (including one trade that made him over $13,000 in under 3 hours!). Now, even though he’s gone back to work, Peter was able to almost double his account size in a matter of months with the knowledge he learned from our program. 

Learn more about his journey below!

Peter’s Story

PG&E. That’s what started Peter’s journey to trading full time. Not necessarily a typical trading story but for Peter, this was all the spark he needed. See, when the company’s stock was going down, he realized that companies like that don’t really go away. So the stock was bound to eventually go back up.

And he was right. Peter was able to make a profit on this prediction and figure he could do it some. He started to dabble in trading but wasn't able to be consistent since he was mainly relying on guesswork.

But then Peter found Stock Navigators. He decided if he was going to get serious about trading, he needed to learn from those who actually knew what they were doing.

“There was always one piece missing. Tom helped me see where I didn’t have my strategies in place.”

Peter had tried other courses in the past but felt that Tom and the other trading instructors were the real deal. And he was right. After learning the material and practicing on his own, he was able to come up with a system that worked for him.

Then the pandemic hit in early 2020 and Peter was furloughed from his job. However while some were thrown into a tailspin financially, Peter was trading everyday the markets were open. This made all the difference.

“In March, I got laid off, like everybody… I was trading every day and thank god I had that skill set because I had no other source of income.”

Now, despite being back at his job, he is still trading every chance he gets. Peter has been able to overcome emotional trading and coming to terms with his own trading comfort level. And the success in this has been reflected in his profits.

How Trading Changed Peter’s Life

Like in life, trading is never guaranteed. But Peter was fortunate enough to find consistent results almost as soon as he fully understood the materials we teach. From day trading to swing trading to long term investing, Peter puts his money wherever the charts tell him opportunities lie.

It didn’t take long for Peter to almost double his account size!

“The account was about 107K in December and as of today it’s almost 200K. I give a lot of credit to what I learned in the class and implementing the techniques and strategies.”

Of course, not all trades are going to go the direction you want 100% of the time. But Peter has learned how to place incremental investments, adding more and more as the trade continues to move in the way you want.

When a trade doesn’t go your way, it can be easy to get down. Peter tries to keep these negative emotions out of his head and look at the trade at face value. “Don’t fall in love with a trade,” he told us. “Because that trade doesn’t love you back.”

Then when it does, it feels that much sweeter. Like the one where Peter was averaging $88 a minute!

“I sold the entire lot and the gross was $13,253.54… That was 150 minutes of work. And I did the math. Comes down to $5301 per hour. Or $88.25 per minute. Or $1.47 per second. So when someone tells me to give them a minute, that’s roughly about 80 to 100 dollars.”

Peter doesn’t need to work anymore but he still does because he wants to. And that’s the secret. Trading can allow you to do the things that you want to do, rather than what you have to do.

Peter’s Advice To Others

The first thing Peter wants to make clear is that you don’t need anything fancy to start trading right away. This is something that anyone can do. He told us how he doesn’t have multiple screens or a whole desk set up to find his opportunities.

“I’ve been doing it all on my iPhone, guys. I am so lazy, I just wake up and lie in bed and execute my trades horizontally.”

He also emphasizes knowing your own trading habits and becoming familiar with what you’re comfortable with. This way, you can reinforce the good habits and try to get rid of the ones that aren’t as helpful.

Finally, trading is a special skill and a unique way of investing. For this reason, Peter knows that it might be the right choice for all. But if you do decide to go down this path, it’s imperative that you put full effort behind it to get the best results.

“It’s not for everyone. But if you feel like this is something you want to explore and give yourself the chance, I would take the leap. I am so glad I took the leap... It’s pretty g***amn awesome.”

Peter wants everyone to learn from his story and know that learning how to trade before things changed was his safety net. And that Stock Navigators can be the missing piece for anyone who’s just starting out. 

And, of course, he leaves us with powerful last words that many of us use as a mantra to our trading: “Trade well. Trade safe.”

To hear Peter’s full story, check out the video above. And check out other Student Success stories like these below:

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