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Edgar Realized He Could Make His Whole Income With Trading...In Just 1 Minute!

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When Edgar R. came to the United States, his goal was to create the best life he could for his family. And although his job was making him decent money, he figured he could be doing more. That’s when Edgar joined Stock Navigators.

After a few roadblocks along the way, Edgar learned our strategy and how to make consistent gains in the stock market. Before long, he was making more than his job’s salary in trading returns. In fact, some days he was making as much as his weekly income in just one minute!

Hear more of Edgar’s story by watching the full video or continue reading below.

Edgar’s Story

For Edgar, family is everything. And his number one goal is to provide for them any way that he can. He went to the University of Puerto Rico before moving to the U.S. to work in New York to do just that. And this was Edgar’s life until the pandemic hit.

This shake up to all our lives provided people with the opportunity to reinvent themselves. Which is exactly what Edgar decided to do. When he found the video of head trader Tom Luong explaining his story, Edgar related this journey to his own and saw opportunity here.

So he decided to begin trading as soon as he joined our program. Which turned out to be a little too ambitious. But after learning his lesson a few times, Edgar decided he would do it the right way.

“I didn’t want to wait. I wanted to generate money. So I went to the live account and in my very first trade, I lost $400. I went *click* and it was gone...that humbled me.”

What really made a difference for Edgar was the community of fellow students and trading instructors, who were readily available to provide advice and tips for new traders. Rather than trying to tackle this alone, Edgar was able to use all the resources at this disposal to be successful.

“The opportunity that Stock Navigators provides us with Q&A sessions and have the instructors right there for us, all the time, basically 24/7 is great. There’s a lot of power in that.”

Finally, he started seeing some progress. And before long, Edgar was not only finding profits in his trade, he was doing so consistently. So much so that he realized his account earnings were starting to outweigh his weekly income from a job he’s worked at for years.

How Trading Changed Edgar’s Life

Edgar is a humble man. His goal from the start was never to get rich or become an overnight millionaire. Instead, he simply wanted to make the best life for his family.

But with the help of the community and his own dedication, Edgar was making as much as he was making from his job...and then some! On some occasions, he told us how he could make his weekly salary in just one minute of trading.

“In 1 minute! One minute and you can achieve your entire weekly income!”

He doesn’t like to share his exact results for fear of bragging, but Edgar did say that trading has made him more than his job ever could. And in less time. For that reason, he made the decision to quit his job and begin trading full time.

“When I started in June going live, I discovered I could do this… I decided to go 100% day trader.”

But it’s more than the money that Edgar is earning. He’s also earning back his time. He trades for no more than an hour a day. That on top of his prep and time spent in the community, he is essentially free to do whatever he wants after lunch every single day.

However, more days than others, Edgar finds himself back in the Discord channel to spend his free time with fellow traders. His interactions with them go beyond the market. They truly are a community. 

Since the decision to join Stock Navigators made such a positive and lasting impact on his life, Edgar wants to give back and help others who are just starting out.

Edgar’s Advice To Others

The first thing Edgar wants to advise those beginning their trading journey is that this will not be overnight success. Although it can be frustrating, not every trade will go your way. No trader, not even the top 1%, is right all of the time.

So the best thing to do is mitigate these losses when they do happen. With good risk management, Edgar is able to control the trades that don’t go his way in order to ensure they don’t sink his entire account. A simple but useful trick he learned with our strategy.

“Don’t get me wrong, I lose money here and there. But that’s the way this system works. If we lose, we’re not going to lose bad.”

Second, Edgar wants to emphasize not overtrading. You can make the gains that you need for the day in less than a couple of hours of trading. Anything more than that is going to hurt you more than help.

But it’s more than that. Trading gives you back time that other careers usually take up. Edgar encourages new traders to take advantage of this and make the most of your free time.

“It’s better to just get your daily income, take what the market gives you, then go enjoy your life.”

Finally, as mentioned many times in his conversation with our co-founder, Edgar could not recommend having a community of like-minded traders to spend the day trading with and learning from.

“There’s no way I could be in the position that I am without the community’s support,” he told co-founder Tim Luong. And we’ve seen it firsthand, with Edgar and many others. Like anything, going at it as a group is stronger than going at it alone.

To hear Edgar’s full story, check out the video above. And check out other Student Success stories like these below:

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