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Joy Couldn’t Find an Affordable Course that Worked… Until She Found Stock Navigators

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As both a nurse and a mother, Joy B. had an unconventional schedule but wanted to use her time to grow her savings accounts. After trying a variety of other courses, Joy quickly realized that those other guys were only there to help themselves...not her.

This wasn’t the case when she found Stock Navigators. After going through the comprehensive learning material, trading simulators, and psychological control, Joy was able to use swing trading to increase her 401K in a matter of months! Now, worrying about retirement or college funds is a thing of the past for her.

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Joy’s Story

It’s frustrating to save and save and save, but only see that number in the bank account go up a fraction of a percent. That’s what Joy was feeling, and she wanted that to change. She figured all that she needed was for her savings accounts to be managed properly.

Now, some people decide to let someone else control their money. But that’s a mistake! And Joy knew that because she knew the truth of the matter: no one will take as much care of your money as YOU will.

However, learning the skills to take care of your accounts is easier said than done. Joy was looking into a course that could help her understand her savings account, potentially making a little extra on the side. For a long time, she was unsuccessful.

“I tried to invest in myself but I couldn’t.”

Financial advisors cost more than they saved her. Big name courses tried to upsell more than they tried to teach. Before long, all the “solutions” Joy was finding were putting her savings even further behind.

“I pay $500 for the class and I think that’s that… Then they say I need to pay $24,000 to finish the class and $54,000 to access all the material,” Joy told us. “My son says ‘That’s my college already!’”

But then she found Stock Navigators. And after speaking to someone on the phone, Joy realized that with one product, she could learn all she needed to know about trading, which in turn would solve her saving issues.

“Tom is an expert and knows what he’s doing compared to others.”

Unlike other courses out there, top trader Tom Luong and the rest of the instructors shared their entire strategy from A to Z. In a way that beginners, including Joy, are able to understand completely.

It does take time to learn, of course, and Joy had no disillusions about that. “I know reading it once is not enough,” she said, “You have to go through it 4 or 5 times.” But the extra effort is worth it.

Joy slowly moved from simulated trading to the real thing. Then from one contract, to two, to four, and so on. As she traded more, the more positive impact on her accounts she was seeing. Eventually, the results were clear: Joy finally found a solution.

How Trading Changed Joy’s Life

What started out as a simple goal of taking control of her trading account became so much more. It didn’t take long until Joy realized she could make hundreds of dollars a day in the market from her efforts, rather than just do long-term investing.

However, in the beginning, her day trading results were inconsistent. Joy wasn’t able to control her psychology when the markets weren’t going her way, and as a result, she wasn’t seeing the same results as other students were posting about in the student community.

“With every trade I learn more, because every trade is different.”

Joy decided she would focus her trading efforts on swing trading instead. She figured focus on one thing only, rather than trying to do too much.

It was here that Joy honed her skills. And, more importantly, where she started seeing results. She told us how she was making as much as 4 figures on one ticker! And it’s going directly into her savings, growing it more than it ever would on its own.

“In November and December, so two months, my 401K grew 22%.”

Now, Joy doesn’t have to worry about her retirement or saving money for her son’s college tuition. With swing trading, as well as occasionally day trading, Joy continues to earn consistent gains in the stock market.

And it wasn’t just her account that was growing. Her experience and expertise in trading was growing as well.

Joy’s Advice To Others

As is the case with any new endeavor, you learn a lot about yourself when you start to trade. Joy was able to assess her life and how it affected her trading.

With a busy schedule of being both a nurse and a mom, Joy had a lot going on. But she suggests to others that when you’re trading, you focus on that trade and that trade only. Avoiding distraction when still getting the fundamentals down is imperative.

“Be emotionally and psychologically free of hassle in your mind, or you can’t focus on your trade… Be in that moment, be in that trade.”

Joy also wanted to tell those just starting out that, as someone who was looking at multiple financial courses out there, Stock Navigators is the right choice. 

“If you want to have financial freedom, or want to work less and be on your time, or retire early, then don’t hesitate to join Stock Navigators,” Joy responded when asked if she had any final words. “Do not hesitate to join,” she added.

And Joy says it will all be worth it:

“That money you invested, you can get back in one day.”

To hear Joy’s full story, check out the video above. And check out other Student Success stories like these below:

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