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David’s journey from beginner making costly mistakes, to earning daily income trading stocks 2 hours a day.

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David came to the US in 1985 with nothing but two sets of clothes, and was soon working tirelessly to create his own success story. He knew nothing about trading when he joined Stock Navigators, but his dedication to constant learning allowed him to become a full-time trader in under 2 years. 

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David credits his success to focusing on honing his weaknesses, getting help from experienced professionals, and never giving up even when times were tough. His track record continues to get better and better!

David’s advice: Work On Your Weaknesses and Get Hands-On Help

David encourages all potential students to not be swayed by what others are claiming they can make - trust the charts and invest in mentorship so that you don't have to figure it all out on your own. 

He now averages $250 per day, and he’s getting better every day!

The biggest changes that David has made is he no longer experiences FOMO. He simply trades what the market gives. His goal is to stay under 5 trades a day. In the past, he would overtrade for fear of missing out, and this hurt his profits.

David’s most important advice for others is simple: get support from a team of leaders that can get you to the next level.

“The education is great, but the support is what makes the difference. The community got me to the next level.”

David’s work ethic is contagious, and shows what’s possible for those with no experience, but a strong desire to learn! For anyone just starting out as a trader, David recommends, “Don’t look at the dollar amount - look at how much you can improve every day!”

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