How to Make AMZN Pay for Prime

BY Tim Luong


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One of the great benefits of investing is that the stock can “pay” for the service.

Especially if it’s a popular stock.

For example, one of the most popular companies in the world is Amazon (AMZN)

Sure, everyone wishes they were an early investor of AMZN… 

But just because you missed that boat doesn’t mean it’s too late to make money.

For example, consider this…

I’ve been an Amazon prime member since September 15, 2015.

I’ve paid about $750 over the years for this membership.

But if I had just bought one share of AMZN on September 15, 2015… I would have paid $625.

And it would have gotten to an all-time high of $3,700.

Giving me $3,100 in profit.

At my yearly cost, this would pay for Prime for thirty years.

It can be tempting to stay away from a stock after it moves above a certain number.

Most people wouldn’t touch AMZN at $625 but those who did were able to ride it up to $3,700.

That’s why at Stock Navigators, we teach you how to identify re-entry points.

Because while everyone else wants to save a few pennies… we’re looking at the big picture… and chasing the big bucks.

We identify re-entry points by Echo Mapping the stock market.

Echo Mapping helps us identify which stocks to move into before they take off.

We’ve recorded a special Echo Mapping podcast - How to Use Echo Mapping to Spot Winning Investments Before They Take Off.

Right now you can watch this podcast for free - click here to learn more about Echo Mapping.

Tim Luong

Stock Navigators

CEO and Founder

Since beginning his journey to create Stock Navigators in 2018, Tim has continued to enhance his knowledge in the financial markets in futures, stocks, and options to name a few. He has brought a passion for education and the financial markets to drive the continued efforts of Stock Navigators to help individuals take advantage of the endless opportunities in the markets. He hopes to continue to build Stock Navigators into a company that provides financial freedom to those who have a passion for hard work.

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