A Billionaire is Quietly Stockpiling These 3 Stocks

BY Tim Luong


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Investors everywhere are thinking about inflation.

During times like this, people gravitate towards “safe haven” assets. 

These assets are known as hedges against inflation. Some popular ones include gold, bonds, and commodities. 

But according to Paul Tudor Jones, who’s worth about $7 billion dollars…

There’s no worse environment to buy financial instruments than right now.

Basically, he thinks that nothing is worth investing in these current conditions.

So he claims.

But my research shows that Mr. Jones is quietly stockpiling 3 stocks.

Here’s the kicker…

All 3 of these stocks are the same type of stock.

They’re all real estate investment trusts (REITs). 

A REIT is a company that owns or finances income-producing real estate across a range of property sectors.

Could Paul Tudor Jones be tripling down on real estate with these 3 stocks?

Billionaire REIT Pick #1: Store Capital Corp (STOR)

The first REIT he’s buying is STOR.

Founded in 2011, STOR boasts a $682 million annual revenue, and has $9.7 billion in total assets.

Not to mention, Berkshire Hathaway - led by Warren Buffett - owns 9% of this company’s stock.

STOR offers a 5% dividend yield, so you’d get 5% of your investment back every single year by holding this stock.

Billionaire REIT Pick #2: Four Corners Property Trust Inc (FCPT)

The second REIT that Paul Tudor Jones is buying is FCPT.

Founded in 2015, FCPT offers a 4.7% dividend.

It is the only public REIT that focuses on ownership, acquisition, and leasing of restaurant properties.

So it makes sense that Mr. Jones is buying FCPT.

The weather is warmer, Covid restrictions are lifted, and people want to party. 

Restaurants will surely see increased traffic and this should spell bigger dividends for FCPT holders.

Billionaire REIT Pick #3: Outfront Media Inc (OUT)

This is the oldest REIT on the list.

Founded in 1938, OUT makes over $2.5 billion in annual revenue. 

This company is one of the largest outdoor media companies on the planet.

OUT specializes in outdoor advertising like billboards and transit advertising (ads on buses, subways, etc.)

In fact, they own billboards in Times Square New York!


OUT has a 6% dividend yield and provides the highest dividends on the list.

So there you have it.

Although Paul Tudor Jones says right now is not a good time to invest in financial instruments…

He’s quietly loading up on STOR, FCPT, and OUT.

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Tim Luong

Stock Navigators

CEO and Founder

Since beginning his journey to create Stock Navigators in 2018, Tim has continued to enhance his knowledge in the financial markets in futures, stocks, and options to name a few. He has brought a passion for education and the financial markets to drive the continued efforts of Stock Navigators to help individuals take advantage of the endless opportunities in the markets. He hopes to continue to build Stock Navigators into a company that provides financial freedom to those who have a passion for hard work.

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