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Get connected to our Trading Room to start interacting with us and other day traders, communities, and individuals. Share your thoughts on the current state of the markets, and draw your own inferences from the opinions of other traders, right in your desktop or mobile app. Learn technical strategies and brainstorm actionable ideas in realtime, from people all over the world. The Trading Room also features LIVE streaming presentations and screenshares from some of the industry’s leading experts. Join now and start getting connected to the only trading community of its kind.

What Our Alumni Say

Mortgage Broker

Danny R.Would I do this for the rest of my life?  Absolutely.


Jonathan & Deborah T.I think that Stock Navigators is the number 1 purchase in my life that I stand for.

Accounts Manager

Virginia E.This gives me financial independence.  Financial freedom.


Eduardo A.I feel like I have all the tools that I need to be profitable trading every day.

Crypto Trader

Chau N.If you want to trade, first things first: learn how to trade.  And my recommendation is, taking the class from Stock Navigators is priority number one.  Don’t spend any money on anything yet, go to learn how to trade first.

Real Estate

Tammi L.If I can learn this, then anyone can learn it!

Co-Founder of a Non-Profit

Alex J.Stock Navigators gave me that confidence that I didn't have before.


Dager C.I think its definitely a great starting point for somebody.


Ramil M.These guys... you just have to look at it, you'll see the difference.

Tax Consultant

Cecilia E.I made over $4,000 just from the charts... It was really fun.

Operations Manager

Diana C.I think that anyone can benefit from this class.


Marc H.It really opened my eyes that I can do this.  I can become a great trader, a professional trader.

Options Trader

Kay MeriNow I know not only how to enter trades and know when they pivot, but also how to exit and take profits. I’ve learned so much here in just a short amount of time!

Business Owner

Karen P.After the class, I feel like I more understand how the market works.


Bernadette N.Maybe this can be my side job or maybe later on, my retirement.  Just do a couple clicks and go have fun the rest of the day.

You’ll find dozens of excellent resources in our Trading Room, where we encourage smart and savvy traders to share their best practices and knowledge with the community. At Stock Navigators, we want everyone to learn and grow as traders.

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