Learn From Home

Experience the accelerated training of our online bootcamp from the comfort of your home without quitting your day job. Expect to spend 20-25 hours a week initially. Our most successful students put in more time. Even after the bootcamp is over, students must be willing to practice trading the market every day and document all of their trades.

Live Instructor Support

Receive hands-on support from our instruction team through weekly Q&A calls and post-market breakdowns. Learn from our profitable traders who will help teach you their past mistakes and how they became successful traders.

Industry Tested Curriculum

We believe that excellence comes from continuous improvement. We evaluate each part of the curriculum every time it is taught. Our program was created by profitable traders with different experiences across many markets.

Live Trading Experience

Many programs teach a lot of theory, but don’t show how to trade in live markets. Our bootcamp is results-focused. Students learn the fundamentals of the market and in-depth technical analysis, then immediately put it into action. In addition, there are assignments that allow us to measure a student’s progress, so we know how to improve on their weaknesses.

Our Roadmap

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    Week 1

    Learn the basics of the Stock Market.
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    Week 2

    Learn how to use charting software to help map out your trades.
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    Week 3

    Learn the core concepts of our trading method - everything you need to trade profitably.
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    Week 4

    Learn the advanced concepts of our trading method that will make you a true professional.
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    Week 5

    Learn to use our strategy for Day Trading, Swing Trading, and Long Term Investing.
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    Week 6

    Get out of your own way by developing bulletproof psychology.
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    Post Bootcamp (1-3 months)

    Use what you've learned in the program to trade with us each day in your simulator, after Tom breaks down the markets and sets up your plan for the trading day ahead.
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    Real Trading

    After learning how to execute your profitable trading plan, it is now time to start making real money in the markets!