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After Other Courses Didn’t Work, Vince Learned from SN & Made About $75,000 on Crypto in 3 Months

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It took Vince L. a few tries before he found what he was truly passionate about. But once he learned how to consistently trade with success, Vince knew he found a lifetime skill that would serve as both a hobby and a source of income for a long time.

Attracted to the volatility of the crypto sector, Vince was able to make $75K in just a few months. And after passing the 6-figure mark, he has a new goal: hitting the 9-figure mark within the next 5 years.

Watch Vince’s full interview or continue reading below:

Vince’s Story

From the start, Vince knew the importance of following what you’re passionate about. He began studying mathematics in school but soon realized that it wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life. Instead, Vince studied to become a dentist and, after hard work and dedication, he was able to make this dream a reality.

The path was similar then when Vince decided to learn how to trade. But in the beginning, he thought that he could learn this skill on his own. So he tried YouTube and other sources online to teach himself. But there was too much to learn. And he was falling prey to being overconfident

“I made $10K… pure luck. I’m like I’m really good at trading now. So I start trading more and more. A week later I’m down $10K. Then another $10K. That’s when I’m like okay shoot, I need to start learning.”

So he decided to learn from someone who knew what they were doing. Before Vince found Stock Navigators though, another course led him astray. And he lost it all.

Talking about the other course, Vince told us, “I went through the course in about 3 weeks, then day trade with him for about 2 weeks. And I lost everything. My first portfolio: gone.”

Luckily, Vince found our course and made the choice to try again. And after learning technical analysis from top trader Tom Luong, he finally found consistency.

“If you understand everything that the course puts together, you have the foundation, you have the knowledge.”

So Vince finally found a way to make reliable gains in the stock market, rather than just get lucky here and there. And with a skill like that, the results show.

How Trading Changed Vince’s Life

It’s important to find a trading method that works for you. Whether it’s day trading or swing trade, stock or options, or anything like that, you need to do what works for your schedule and account size.

Vince saw himself gravitating towards a particularly hot sector once he started: cryptocurrency. So after he finished his simulated trading, he went into real trades and made $75,000 in a few months.

“I stopped using PaperTrade around February and then 3 months later, in my crypto sector, I made about $75K. Crypto sector is hot.”

Vince sees this as a new career path. He got his masters in math then studied to be a doctor in dentistry after that. Vince knows a thing or two about education, and he told us that this course is the most efficient that he’s taken.

“This is a lifetime skillset. Think about it: how much do you invest in a bachelor degree?” he asked. Then pointed out, “How much did I invest in the Stock Navigators course? Compared to that, cheap!”

Higher quality is always better than easy and cheap. But more importantly, Vince knows that this is something that will last him long after any other career. It’s a lifetime skill and one that will make him money for years to come.

“I started in February and wallah, I’m already making a doctor’s salary!”

But it’s beyond the money for Vince. He told us that it’s a hobby that will stick with him for life. And he wants others to experience the same success.

Vince’s Advice To Others

Vince has lived many lives, and therefore has plenty of nuggets of wisdom to share. Continued learning is the biggest thing he can suggest to anyone who thinks that they have already laid out a set path for themselves. Vince was trading while working as a dentist. This is a skill that does not have to totally consume your life. 

In terms of trading, he advises that new traders don’t shy away from some of the crazier parts of the market. Vince made most of his profits from crypto, a very volatile market. But you shouldn’t fear this as long as you’re equipped with the right strategy.

“This market is very volatile. But when there is volatility, there is opportunity. This is the best time to make money, I tell you.”

Vince also gives a warning against overtrading. As important as it is to give your all, there’s only so many hours that can be beneficial for you. 

“You have to be at the computer, but not too long. An hour on average, really,” Vince told us. “If you trade for the whole day, you’ll actually lose money.”

The final thing Vince suggests to traders is finding a community who will be there for you as you trade. With a community of traders, you have people who are there to share your wins and help you through the rough patches.

“On a bad day, we’re all in this together. On a good day, we’re all making money… Part of my success is because of the SN community so I’m happy to help.”

And the Stock Navigators is always growing. Whether you’re a total newbie or just looking for other like-minded traders, there’s a spot with your name on it if you want it.

To hear Vince’s full story, check out the video above. And check out other Student Success stories like these below:

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