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Douglas Traded for 3 Years With No Results… Now He’s Making $800-1,100 a day

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Douglas did what everyone told him to do and followed a traditional career path. He went to school, took on internships, and got a job right out of college as an engineer. He enjoyed the first six months, but then the work became repetitive. 

He looked at all the other employees at his job who were 15 years ahead of him, and their work did not look much more exciting. That was when he first began to search for other ways to supplement his income, with the hopes of eventually being able to support himself completely without needing a 9-5 job.

Watch his full interview below:

Douglas’ Advice: Don’t Learn From YouTube!

After trying many different things, in 2017 he developed an interest in the stock market. He started learning all he could from YouTube, but says, “That was a mistake.” For 3 years, his account flatlined, until he finally got tired of putting so much effort in for little to no results.

Feeling fed up, he decided to invest in better trading education and came across Stock Navigators. His advice for others in the same position:

“You need someone to help you. The person making videos on YouTube doesn’t have a vested interest in your success. All they care about is getting views.”

Douglas realized that on YouTube he was learning bits and pieces of trading information, but never the complete picture - and the video creators were not there to provide real feedback to their viewers. 

Once he began to go through the Stock Navigators training material, it was clear why he hadn’t been having much success. The learning experience was sobering, but the Stock Navigators instructors and community supported him through it. 

One of his favorite things about being in the community is that the instructors answer every question that gets asked, and he gets to learn from other traders with more experience and study their setups for his own trades.

From No Gains to Earning $800-$1,100 a Day

Douglas is currently averaging $800-1,100 per day in trading income.

“I’m no longer dependent on my job for financial security.”

In the near future, he hopes to be able to just trade for a few hours a day, and then spend the rest of his time at home with his wife and two kids! 

We know it’s only a matter of time before this dream comes true!

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