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Trading is hard.

No really.  Despite all the ads out there for training programs that make it sound like it’s the easiest thing in the world to make a fortune from your laptop on a beach sipping an umbrella drink… it’s one of the hardest endeavors most people will ever attempt.

If it’s so hard, why do it??

There’s no one right or wrong answer to this, and it will be very individual.  But for myself, there are some very specific reasons why I fell in love with trading and why I continue to do it through ups and downs.

  1. Freedom.  Freedom from having a boss, from having a commute, from having any ceiling on my potential.  Of course it also includes freedom from being able to blame my boss, or my commute when anything goes wrong!
  2. Performance-based pay.  I’ve been self employed in various capacities for nearly my entire adult life, and I greatly prefer it.  Working for myself means that if I perform well, I earn well.  If I don’t perform well, I don’t earn well.  And as harsh and maybe scary as that might seem, I actually prefer it.  I can rely on me.  Not so much on most other people.
  3. The challenge.  Trading is a new game every day.  It’s the ultimate video game, where my account balance is my score.  It’s never exactly the same twice, and there is no fiercer competition.  If you love to seriously compete for high stakes, trading might suit you perfectly.
  4. The possibilities.  Trading is possible from essentially anywhere on the planet, at any time.  There is always something that can be traded, and always something that is presenting a good trade.  Between stocks, Forex, options, crypto, and futures, there’s never a lack of potential opportunities.
  5. The intellectual stimulation.  I love to learn, and have a voracious appetite for knowledge.  There is something new to learn about trading in every moment of every day.  Sometimes it actually gets to be too much and my head literally gets overloaded and I have to take a nap, and it can often be hard to wind down at night.  But the faster I get to sleep, the sooner the next trading day will be here!

So, is trading for you?

Definitely maybe.  Without knowing you, I can say for certain.  But if you resonate at all with any of my reasons above, then I’d say at least start learning about trading for yourself.  And if you are sure it’s the right path for you, I recommend attending one of our live bootcamps to get you started off on the best possible footing.

Trade well!

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