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High Inflation Pushes the Market Into the Money Zone

by Vu Nguyen, April 18, 2022


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The S&P 500 is still sitting in a sideways correction.

Investors everywhere are concerned about how the Russia-Ukraine conflict will affect the stock market… and the economy.

Not to mention, the United States is still fighting with high inflation. 

Right now, all my charts are showing me that the market is undergoing a correction.

We Stock Navigators love a market correction because that means we can enter the market at a lower price. 

Let’s go over the opportunities I see today…

Technical Analysis

S&P 500 Hits the Buy Zone

The S&P 500 has started trending downwards for the past two weeks and now it has hit a support level of $4,338.85.

This price point has been a very strong level of support for a few months now.

Which means the market is back in the Buy Zone.


Will the S&P move up from this support, or drop down lower?

Well, if it can break past its down trendline, we should see the S&P rally higher.


I’ll be sending Money Zone Traders the exact stock to buy when we start seeing this bullish momentum.

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Avoid This Sector

Cut the Gas and Watch Your Stop

Natural gas went on a steep bull rally after Russia invaded Ukraine.

But if you’re thinking about jumping into this sector, I would proceed with extreme caution. 

Remember, a stock that shoots up very fast… falls back down even faster.


The entire sector is at a Sell Zone right now.

If you’re playing the natural gas sector I would keep my focus on my stop-loss.

This is why I add a stop-loss with every single one of my trade recommendations.

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SN Family Secrets

Helping Everyone Learn Technical Analysis

The Stock Navigators family has been teaching technical analysis for a long time now.

And our members are constantly raving about us, telling us how happy they are.

See for yourself…


Well, we don’t just teach you how to be a technical trader… we also give you the best trades we see on the market.

So if you don’t want to do technical analysis… you can just open our email and follow our trade recommendations.

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