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You’ve all probably seen people with 4 monitors or even 6! But that isn’t really necessary. For beginners, having just 2 is enough. Setting up your trading station can be the most exciting thing to do, but it can be intimidating if you aren’t tech savvy. Setting up your trading station doesn’t have to be expensive. However, the most ideal computers for traders would be a gaming computer. These computers are designed for real-time performance and do not overheat that easily. Ideally, you’d want a computer that has a pure solid-state drive (SSD) of 256 GBs or more. You’d also need a minimum of 8GBs of RAM, but the more the better.

WiFi vs Ethernet

With modern day technology, wi-fi connections have improved significantly over the past. However, there are still people who believe that ethernet cables are better and more reliable. Picking your source of internet connection is entirely up to you and is nothing you really need to stress about.


Your choice of monitors is also entirely up to you. You can have 2,3,4 or even 6 monitors! If you are going for a low-cost trading set up, we recommend getting external USB monitors. The best feature about these is that they use one simple USB connection for both information and power, eliminating the messy need for multiple power sources and cords.

Other Peripherals To Consider (Optional)

Mechanical Keyboards. You might want to consider a mechanical keyboard because it uses actual, physical switches underneath the keys to determine when you have pushed a key. Pressing down on these keyboards offers a different feel than your traditional keyboards. We recommend getting a mechanical keyboard because you’ll need to set hotkeys to quickly enter and exit trades without using your mouse often. Standing Desk. Sitting in front of monitors for several hours can be very taxing on your body. So if you are considering day trading the whole day, you might want to consider a standing desk. Standing desks would be beneficial for your posture and health as it burns more calories and can reduce back pains. With all that being said, these purchases are all up to your preference. You can definitely make the same amount with a simple computer or laptop setup!

Setting up

Now that you have all the products, you’re going to need to pull up some graphs and charts on the monitors you have. Every trader has their own personal set-up that matches their trading style. Try not to overwhelm yourself with all the charts and information. We recommend that you take things nice and slowly. An unorganized station would just cause more stress on you.


Educate yourself more on trading and enjoy the journey! Continue finding different trading strategies that seem to fit your personality and keep on studying. What’s the point of setting up your trading station if you don’t put enough work into learning how to trade!

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