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This is Tim Luong with Stock Navigators reaching out with the five best stocks to buy in April 2020!  I’m currently thinking about what industries have been affected the most by the complications of coronavirus. I believe that this is the beginning of the next recession. I’m looking to average in stocks over the next 6 to 18 months. Rather than trying to predict the bottom, I’m going to be looking to average in. “Average in” means that basically just means putting in a set amount each time, consistently over the next 6 to 18 months so that my average price will be very reasonable. What markets have been most affected?  It’s airlines, it’s cruises and hotels. People can’t travel or go on cruises or travel because of coronavirus, and the markets demonstrate this. 


Delta airlines (DAL) is currently trading at $28.50. A few months ago, they were trading at $63. That is around a 60% discount on what it was at before. I believe it should go down lower. As it goes lower, I’m going to be looking to buy more and more of Delta and other airlines as well. I’m not looking to just jump into Delta only and not into other airlines. I want to diversify my risk. The potential gain for most of these airlines is pretty similar. I mitigate my risk of one of these airlines going under, but I can keep my gains consistent for the most part and increase my probability.

Delta (DAL):

Stock Trading view of Delta Airlines at a 60% Discount Price


United (UAL) is at $31.55 today. A year ago it was $97. Just even just a few months ago, it was at $94.00. That is a 65% to 70% discount on United- absolutely insane. I personally think United will go down even lower than $31.55. The lowest it has been was a week ago when it was around $17.

United (UAL):

I’m going to average into these positions as they continue to go lower because airlines will continue to drop but they will rise back up long term. How else will we travel? Are people never going to fly in a plane again? Are we going to walk across the continents? That’s not possible. Airlines are sticking around long-term. This is a great opportunity to get into airline stocks over the next 12- 18 months averaging in. There’s a pretty high probability 10 years from now it should be as high as it has gone or higher. And again, I am only discussing Delta and United. There’s definitely more that you can research.


The next industry I want to talk about is cruises. The cruise industry is not doing well. World Caribbean is a very strong company, but their stock has been hit tremendously because of coronavirus. Royal Caribbean is currently trading at $32.00 and they were around $135 a few months ago. That is around a 75% discount. That is a huge discount. However I believe that the markets will go lower – my plan is to average in. The cruise industry is a great industry for long-term investments as well.

Royal Caribbean (RCL):



 Hotels have also been hit very hard. For example Hilton. Buying stocks from the Hilton, or other hotels, in the next 6 to 18 months could be an amazing long-term investment. Hilton is trading at $68 and its high was $115. This is a 50% discount on Hilton. The lowest it got to was $45 about a week ago. It’s gone up in the past weeks, but I recommend looking very closely at this stock in the next few months. 

Hilton (HLT):



 Another industry that has been hit hard is oil. The strongest oil stocks are ExxonMobil and United States Oil Company. ExxonMobil reached a high of $105. Now it is at $38! This is a 65% discount. I’m looking to invest in things for the long term. For my long term portfolio, ExxonMobil and all oil is a very strong long term play. There will not be a foreseeable future without oil.

Exxon Mobil (XOM):


The last companies that I want to discuss are Facebook, Google, Apple, Netflix – tech companies like these. The market hasn’t priced in a good enough discount for them because they weren’t directly targeted by the complications of coronavirus. If the economy goes into a recession, that’s when these good companies will pull down as a whole. Facebook, that ticker symbol is currently $166. It’s peak a few months ago was around $225. That’s around a 33% discount. Facebook’s low was actually at $138 a week or two ago.The impacts of these bigger companies has not yet been factored. Their revenues will be affected eventually due to the complications of coronavirus. In a recession there is a downward spiral. I recommend watching Facebook, Apple, Google and strong tech companies to add to a long term portfolio. 

Facebook (FB):

Now is the Time!

It has never been a better time to get invested in the stock market. And for beginners this is the best time to start to learn and become interested in the stock market because there has never been this volatility. These are unprecedented times. Other companies like Barclays and JP Morgan are taking advantage of this. Barclays made 250 million in a day, and a division of JP Morgan made over $1 billion when volatility first shot up on February 24th! Airlines, cruises, hotels, oil and strong tech companies like Facebook, Apple, Google and more, are the five industries I recommend as the best stocks to buy in April 2020.  

That’s all for now!

10 Replies to “5 Best Stocks To Buy In April 2020”

  1. Tim

    When you say average down, do you have a certain percentage of price drop before you average down?

    1. Hey Jon, great question! With where the market has been, I’m looking for opportunities to get into stocks that are discounted. I wouldn’t say there is an exact percentage that tells me when to start buying, but more so, just looking at where the overall stock market is at

  2. I like your delivery style. U have a honest feel about yourself. Do have give instructions on how to trade?More so swing trading. If so I’d like to learn more. If not any info on how I can learn from a trusted source that’s not just out to make a profit off it’s students. That’s actually sincere in teaching the craft. THANKS

  3. I like your video ‘5 Best Stocks To Buy In April 2020’ and presentation class today 4/4/20.
    I have no idea about the stock market before.
    I just want to buy share stocks as (Hotels, oil, airline).
    how can I open an account with your company to buy these stocks.
    how much can I pay commission to stock broker ?
    Please advise, I would appreciated your help.

    Thank you.

    Hillary Nguyen

    1. Hi Hillary, I’m glad you like the video. We are an educational platform, not a brokerage so we cannot directly buy and sell stocks for you. I would research this online to find more information – Think or Swim is an example of a platform you can use to trade. The good news is we have plenty of videos to help you learn how to trade once you are set up! If you are interested please check out the Stock Navigators Youtube Channel:

  4. Hi Tim, This is Angela (NHu duong), yes, i’m 100% agree with you about the 5 stocks that you have mentioned, too bad i’m still a student, still at week 3, I can’t buy them for myself now, but 1 more kind of stock that i would look at is technology industry, as you see, people now switch from office building to work & teaching at home, so the zoom tech or anything like that will be the massive major thing they will use in the future, since people got train to work, to learn at home, they will take advantage of this feature, avoiding renting fee, the cost to travel, front office employees…. so more and more operate business by yourself product will be in the tech. market, of course this is just my own foreseen !
    all the best!

    1. Hi Angela, this is some great insight. I agree with you that tech companies like zoom are important to look at during this time.

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