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3 Sectors are Benefiting from Higher Interest Rates

by Vu Nguyen, April 12, 2022


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Man oh man what a day it has been for the market.

I am seeing red all across the board.

Investors everywhere were wondering how the market would react to higher interest rates…

Well, we’ve got our answer…

The market reacted with a lot of red.

But amidst all this bearish activity, I’m seeing pockets of green.

In fact, there are three sectors in particular that are benefiting from higher interest rates.

Macro Trend Breakdown

Blood is Everywhere

Right now, the heatmaps all show red.

Take a look at the S&P 500…


Now let’s bring it down to the S&P 100…


The Nasdaq was hit especially hard…


Same with the Dow…


But when you look at the Russell 2000, notice all the pockets of green…


I love trading because every day is different.

By using technical analysis, I can pinpoint the best trades of the day.

In today’s case, the best trades are hidden in these pockets of green.

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Sector Highlight

When Rates Go Up, So Do These Sectors

I love when the whole market takes a nosedive.

Because when this happens, it reveals the few companies that continue to rally higher despite higher interest rates.

And right now, the consumer staples are moving up.

Take a look at Coca Cola (KO)...


It’s on an absolute tear towards the upside.

Same thing with their biggest competitor, PepsiCo (PEP)...


And let’s also take a look at Constellation Brands, Inc (STZ).

It's an American beer, wine, and spirits producer...


After hitting support levels, the stock rocketed towards its all-time high.

Obviously, consumer staples are doing well.

But there are two other sectors that are also in the green and I’m sending my readers trade recommendations whenever I see them.

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